Parking Lot Stencils

stockton signsDespite what many people think, painting a parking lot requires a lot more than just a paint brush and some paint. Yes, a fair amount of finishing a parking lot or parking garage involves painting white or yellow lines to mark out separate parking stalls, but most professional parking areas require much more than that. In fact, high quality parking lot stencils from Capitol Traffic Services can be used to add almost any type of road markings to your parking lot surface from traffic flow arrows to company logos. Our stencils can also be used to create markings on vertical concrete surfaces in parking garages.

We offer a wide range of parking lot stencils that are perfectly suited to fit your needs. And if we don’t have what you’re looking for we can make it! Our team is ready and able to help you find or create the perfect parking lot stencils no matter what kind of parking area you’re creating. After all, you’ll find parking lots surrounding all kinds of buildings including: schools, shopping centers, restaurants, shipping warehouses, and government buildings.

You can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality parking lot stencils when you shop with Capitol Traffic Services because we only offer the best. All of our stencils are crafted from either high quality aluminum sheeting, high density polyethylene (HDPE), or low density polyethylene depending on the end use of the stencil. Our experts can help you determine the perfect material for you stenciling needs.

Types of Parking Lot Stencils

stockton signsWe maintain a diverse inventory of parking lot stencils so that we can help you get exactly what you need. If our inventory doesn’t quite fit what you need, our team can take your stencil idea and craft a custom stencil to fit your exact needs. Some of the custom stencils we have created for our customers include logos, stylized lettering, and more. But before you decide that you need custom stencils, let’s take a brief look at some of the types of parking lot stencils you’ll find in our inventory.

  • Handicap Signs – We are able to provide you with handicap stall markers in a range of sizes. Each handicap stencil is designed to adhere to all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
  • Directional Arrow – One of the most common problems in parking lots and parking garages is maintaining proper traffic flow. Clear, distinct directional arrows can greatly facilitate better traffic flow.
  • Speed Limit Markers – To help maintain safe speeds in your parking garage or parking lot, you’ll need to make sure that all speed limits are clearly marked in a variety of places and ways. Speed limit stencils can help you do that.
  • Letter and Number Kits – Our standard letter and number kits can be used to create a wide range of informational markings, including labels indicating parking lot numbers or parking garage levels.
  • Pedestrian Travel Legends – Providing clear direction for foot traffic can be critical for maintaining the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Reserved Parking Space Markers – If you have specific parking stalls that are reserved for specific people, parking lot stencils can make marking them simple and easy. Also, custom parking space markers can be used to mark specific parking spaces for the use of specific groups of people including seniors or expectant mothers.
  • Receiving and Unloading Lane Legends – Many parking lots include areas near receiving areas or loading docks. Making sure that those areas are clearly marked can make it far easier to maintain clear lanes for loading and unloading vehicles.
  • Traffic Flow Instructions – Including traffic flow instructions in your parking lot markings is another way to maintain good traffic flow. Among other things, these instructions can help inform drivers of limited vision areas and incoming traffic.
  • Drive Thru Indicators – If your restaurant has a drive thru or a carry out area, they need to be clearly marked so that traffic can flow properly through your parking lot.
  • Fuel Station Markers – Many fuel stations use parking lot stencils to help convey information to their customers about fuel types, parking areas, and more.
  • Crosswalk Markers – Crosswalks are critical to safe foot traffic in many parking lots and parking garages. Our stencils make their installation fast and easy.
  • Fire Lane Markers – Maintaining clear fire lanes is required by law, so it’s important to make sure that these areas are clearly and distinctly marked.
  • …and more!

As you can see, Capitol Traffic Services has the exact parking lot stencils you need to make your parking lot look its best and operate at top efficiency. Contact us today so that we can help you get exactly what you need.

Custom Parking Lot Stencils in Stockton, CA

We maintain a large inventory of standard stencils so that we can fill basic orders quickly and easily. This includes number and letter kits, directional arrows, and other common parking lot stencils. In addition to our standard inventory, however, we are also able to craft custom parking lot stencils to fit your exact specifications. You provide the idea, and our technicians design, cut and ship your new custom stencil in just 3-5 business days. We use a top of the line CNC router to create your custom stencils, so we have can create exactly what you want with an exceptional level of precision.

If you’re ready to turn your mundane parking lot into something far more functional, contact our experts today.