Rental Traffic Control Equipment In Stockton

At Capitol Traffic Services, you will find all of the construction and safety equipment required to ensure order and safety on the job. Our rental services will provide equipment for any project or event where safety and structure is needed.

The Stockton rental construction equipment we offer includes:

Construction, Safety, and Traffic Cones

These will help control the flow of traffic and keep both drivers and workers safe. Our Stockton traffic cones will help separate or merge lanes, and direct traffic away from and alongside of work zones. These can also be used to separate different areas of the work zone. We provide 28” and 18” reflective and non-reflective traffic cones made by manufacturers such as RSM Safety, JBC, and Traffix Devices.


Our Stockton delineators are temporary arrow top delineators with a 12 pound base, and are available in yellow, white, and orange. These will help maintain work zone safety and regulate traffic flow.

Barrier Tape

Our Stockton barrier tape is a fast, easy, and affordable way of blocking off and securing dangerous work zone areas, and to direct traffic away from them. This will help prevent accidents and keep drivers and workers safe. Our barrier tape is a convenient product made from high quality material, and makes for easy short-term use both outside and indoors.

Temporary Traffic Lights

Our Stockton temporary traffic lights are a great idea to rent for projects such as bridge repair, one-lane work zones, emergency back-up, and various special events in which traffic needs to temporarily be controlled. Our portable, temporary traffic lights for rent are dependable, safe, and efficient, ensuring work zone, pedestrian, and traffic safety.

Transverse Rumble Strips

Our Stockton transverse rumble strips will alert drivers to changing conditions by transmitting sound and vibration into their vehicles. This is also a crucial part of helping ensure both driver and worker safety by limiting run-off-road crashes. Our RoadQuake IIF™ Portable Transverse Rumble Strips are Caltrans approved. These rumble strips are a requirement for all Caltrans Revised Standard Plan T13 flagging operations in locations where posted speeds exceed 45 miles per hour. Installation requires no nails, no adhesives, and no glue! RoadQuake will conform to the road’s surface, allowing users to both install and remove them with ease.

Portable Equipment

We have a variety of portable equipment for maintaining work zone safety. We offer Full and Mini Size, Caltrans approved, 3-Line, Full Matrix, and Solar Powered changeable message boards. We also provide Stockton Arrow Boards, including Trailer Arrow Boards with 25 lights, and Vehicle Mount Arrow Boards. If you need Speed Trailers, we have them! Temporary Signals, we have those too! We can also provide installation and various configurations according to your specific requirements.

Traffic Control Signs

When it comes to one time projects or events, our Stockton rental signs will definitely come in handy. These signs will indicate specific road conditions, are made in strict conformity with California DOT and ADA regulations, and are made to be highly visible both day and night. These regulatory signs will help control the flow of traffic, and maintain order and safety. Our rental signs in Stockton include Parking Signs, Yielding Signs, Stop Signs, Weight Limit Signs, Speed Limit and Enforcement Signs, Truck Route Signs, Truck Speed Limit Signs, Signs indicating specific road features such as closed roads or roundabouts, One Way Signs, Divided Highway Signs, Lane Control Signs, Passing Lanes Signs, Slow Traffic Lane Signs, and more!

Construction Barricades

We provide a wide variety of construction barricades in Stockton. Barricades are one of the most important aspects of any construction site. These are crucial for maintaining order, traffic flow, and the safety of both drivers and workers alike. When it comes to ensuring and maintaining a safe work zone, nothing is quite as important as proper barricades. At Capitol Traffic Services, you don’t have to buy barricades for a one time project, rather you can rent barricades in Stockton for the duration of your project, which is a much wiser and more cost effective option. The various barricades we have available for rent are comprised of quality materials, and are made to be highly visible. Whether it’s roadside construction, traffic control at a party or event, or for any other purpose, our rental barricades in Stockton are both efficient and cost-effective.

We Provide All of the Equipment You Need

No matter what kind of project or event you might have going on, you can count on our rental construction equipment in Stockton. We will provide you with everything you need for a work zone that is efficient, productive, and most importantly, safe.

If you are not quite sure what you need for a particular project, there’s no need to stress! As a professionally licensed traffic control contractor in Stockton, we will help you plan out and execute your project. We can even help draw up instructions for your construction project, or any other kind of event.

Capitol Traffic Services is dedicated to the safety of drivers and construction workers, and in helping you maintain a professional work zone. By providing rental equipment, we give you a more affordable option for one time projects and events, and our experts are happy to work and communicate with you. “We build job specific traffic control plans and we offer old fashioned friendly advice.”

If you require rental traffic control equipment in Stockton, contact us today!