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The Consequences of Subpar Stockton Traffic Control

Nobody likes being held up in traffic, or rerouted during their daily commute, due to roadside construction or some other event that requires traffic control. It can make us late for our jobs, take longer to get home, and can lead to senseless road rage. That said, you might be surprised that, without totally comprehensive traffic control during roadside construction, …

Traffic Cones - Stockton Safety Cones

Stockton Traffic Control

At Capitol Traffic Services, we take traffic control very seriously. When it comes to roadside construction, work zone projects, or other events that require traffic control, nothing is more important than adequate traffic control signs and indicators. Failure to meet established traffic control standards can have fatal consequences, and we’re here to ensure the safety of workers, drivers, and pedestrians …

Open - Stockton Road Sign

Stockton Signs for Traffic Control

When it comes to roadside construction, work zone projects, or even weddings and concerts, traffic control is always something to be taken seriously. The ramifications of improper traffic control can be fatal. That’s why we do what we do. Capitol Traffic Services is here to protect the safety of drivers, workers, and pedestrians through our Stockton signs for traffic control. …

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